animal rights lesson plan


When Jane Goodall went to Gombe to study chimpanzees, she discovered a breakthrough observation. “I arrived here as a scientist and left as an activist.”


Year Level: 3–4

Learning area: Science, English

General capabilities: Critical and creative thinking; personal and social capability; literacy; sustainability (cross-curriculum priority)

Lesson duration:

80 minutes (Part A–B); 120 minutes (Part C); 60 minutes (Part D)


Learning Outcomes

Your child will:

  • learn about the unique characteristics and features of chimpanzees
  • understand how science knowledge about chimpanzee behaviours led to widespread discussion about habitat loss
  • understand how human activities contribute to habitat loss for chimpanzees
  • learn about different methods of activism, including community building, lobbying, petitioning and protesting
  • plan, draft and publish an imaginative, informative and persuasive text for the purpose of activism.
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