animal idioms


Going on a wild goose chase? Letting the cat out of the bag? What about taking the bull by its horns? Explore how animal idioms and the language we use shape our relationships with others.


Year Level: 5–7

Learning area: English

General capabilities: Critical and creative thinking; literacy; personal and social capability

Lesson duration: 85 minutes (Part A–C); 40 minutes (Part D); 60 minutes (Extension Activity)

Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • identify the meanings of common animal idioms and understand the context in which they are used
  • learn how idioms are used to express and create personal, social and cultural identities
  • understand the concept of speciesism and analyse arguments against using animal idioms, identifying the author’s point of view using language and vocabulary clues
  • devise their own alternatives to animal idioms and create a supporting illustration.
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