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This fabulous and fun colour-in booklet is perfect for canine-crazy kids! The 13-page booklet outlines important dog care information with helpful illustrations that children can colour in.


Year Level: Suitable for all ages

Learning area: Science

General capabilities: Critical and creative thinking; personal and social capability

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

This 13-page printable booklet outlines important dog care information, teaching children about responsible dog guardianship and the various responsibilities involved.

Your child will:

  • learn about caring for a puppy
  • understand the importance of walking, bathing and cleaning up after their dog
  • learn some basic information about dog health, safety and first aid
  • learn how to safely travel with a dog and search for a lost dog
  • understand separation anxiety in dogs.
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back to school kids with pets


The back-to-school blues can hit our furry friends pretty hard. Dogs and cats can feel anxious, lonely and stressed when kids go back to school. Here’s what to look out for and how to prepare.

Has your child gone back to school after the holidays or extended time at home? Then you may have already spotted the signs of the the back-to-school blues, not in the kids but in your furry family companion.

Dogs, puppies and cats who have been enjoying hours on end of playtime, walks and cuddles can feel lonely, upset and anxious when the school holidays wrap up, and often struggle to adjust back into their previous routine.

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